An effective method of treating knee joint arthrosis at home: folk recipes

causes of knee arthrosis

Osteoarthritis of the knee is often referred to as "parental disease. " According to statistics, the majority of patients suffering from the manifestations of arthrosis are over 50 years old.

It is important to know what factors provoke the development of degenerative-dystrophic changes in the knee joint. Osteoarthritis affects the musculoskeletal system in both men and women, but the provoking factors are quite different. Find out more about joint pathology.

Causes of the development of this disease

Destruction of cartilage tissue occurs with age-related changes, with a high load on the joints for a long time. Under the influence of negative factors, dilated cartilage, the amount of synovial fluid decreases, pain develops, and the movement of the affected limb is disrupted.

Degenerative-dystrophic changes occur against the background of various pathologies or when the knee joint is injured. In severe cases, the joint space is completely closed, the patient can not lean on the injured leg, endoprosthetics (installation of artificial joints) are required.

Driving factor:

  • systemic pathology;
  • infectious diseases;
  • injury;
  • overweight;
  • constant load on lower limbs, hard work;
  • hormonal changes in menopause in women;
  • poor nutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals.

Signs and Symptoms

Arthrosis of the knee chart develops more frequently after 55 years with a background of cartilage-related age-related cartilage changes. In pathological processes, other organ tissues are rarely involved, unlike arthritis, when, as inflammation progresses, the infection spreads to the heart tissue, nerve fibers, and epidermis. Osteoarthritis in the knee joint area is a protracted, more frequent, slow process with fairly long remission and a worsening period.

The main signs and symptoms of knee joint arthrosis:

  • in the early stages, pain is weak, pain intensity increases in waves;
  • Gradual degenerative changes interfere with the movement of the affected joint, in the morning it is difficult for the patient to bend and straighten the knee;
  • with advanced pathology, cartilage is destroyed, ability to walk is very limited;
  • lack of synovial fluid, strong articular head friction, aggregation of certain elements cause pain not only during exercise, but also without it.

Important!There is no active inflammatory process in arthrosis, but destruction of cartilage tissue occurs from day to day. When injured, infections often combine, inflammation develops

Home Treatment

how to treat knee arthrosis

How to treat knee joint arthrosis? In the early stages, joint pathology responds well to therapy. In addition to pharmaceutical ointments and tablets, herbalists offer alternative methods of treating arthrosis in the knee joint area. It is impossible to replace the drug with herbal medicine: rejection of drug treatment will worsen the condition of diseased joints, provoking the development of further degenerative-dystrophic changes. It is possible to stop the destruction of cartilage tissue and accelerate the regrowth process only with complex effects.

At home, to treat arthrosis, patients take medication, use traditional medicine recipes, do self-massage and special exercises. Enhance the effects of proper nutrition with the use of mandatory foods that have a beneficial effect on the condition of cartilage.


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory compounds are needed in the treatment of knee joint arthrosis to relieve pain at cartilage destruction. At home, the drug is used in the form of gels and tablets. It is important to strictly adhere to the daily dose, frequency of use, and duration of treatment.

Information for patients!Tablets are more effective than ointments and gels. In cases of severe further arthrosis, significant pain syndrome, intra-articular injections are performed in medical institutions for the most effective effect on the affected area.


In arthrosis, cartilage tissue is gradually destroyed. With high load, improper nutrition, lack of competent treatment, degenerative-dystrophic processes are on the rise. Chondroprotectors for knee arthrosis contain glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid. Drugs of this group stop or slow down the destruction of cartilage, improve blood circulation in the affected area, and normalize the production of synovial fluid.

4th generation Chondroprotectors not only have regenerative effects but also anti-inflammatory. The drug contains components that stop the inflammatory process when the infection enters the synovial fluid.

Folk solutions and recipes

For swelling, use cold compresses, ointments and rubs appropriately to relieve pain. The healing effect is provided by a therapeutic bath, taking herbal ingredients. All actions for the use of phytopreparation, the patient agrees with the attending physician.

Proven recipes for the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint with folk remedies:

  • Vaseline ointment with essential oil.Knowledge of the properties of valuable esters will increase the effect on the affected joint. Rosemary essential oil activates blood circulation, mint oil relieves pain, cools the affected area, lavender fights inflammation. For 100 g of cosmetic petroleum jelly, 6-7 drops of essential oil is enough;
  • ointment made from lard and comfrey.Medicinal plants have been shown to be effective in a variety of articular pathologies. Melt the fat (5 parts), add the chopped comfrey (2 parts), boil for 5 minutes, cool. Keep homemade ointment cool. Rub the mixture onto the affected knee daily;
  • compress onion with ginger.Grind a small piece of ginger root, add onion juice until you get gruel and a tablespoon of aloe juice. Apply mass on a sore joint, wait half an hour, rinse;
  • honey wrap.You need high quality honey. Apply bee product to the affected area. Cover with cellophane and a warm cloth. Keep the compress for 2 hours. Good effect is given by a combination of thin honey and aloe porridge in a ratio of 3: 1;
  • compress gelatin.Thin cloth wet with warm water, fold in two layers, add a tablespoon of gelatin crystals, cover with the remaining gauze. Apply the bandage to the knee pain, secure with a clean cloth or bandage. Keep the compress for 2 hours, do a "gelatin treatment" three times a week. Good effect is given by the absorption of gelatin for milk or water intake with the addition of honey.

Massage yourself

massage yourself knee with arthrosis

Move slowly, do not press hard on a sore knee. The use of special gels or massage oils will help increase the effectiveness of the procedure. At the pharmacy, get a drug with restorative, analgesic properties.

Basic Movement:

  • caressed. Work the skin clockwise and counterclockwise. After 1-2 minutes, there will be a feeling of warmth in the knee due to the activation of blood circulation;
  • massage the outer surface of the knee with the tip of the palm;
  • Gently knead the joint with your fingertips, making sure there is no pain.

Physiotherapy training

Complete immunity to knee joint problems is only necessary for a short period of time in acute relapse pathology. With arthrosis, movement is needed - many doctors support this principle of therapy.

Rehabilitation, exercise, and gymnastics techniques for knee joint arthrosis, which drive a reasonable load on problem areas, have received many positive reviews. Well-known joint gymnastics is recommended for mild and moderate arthrosis of the knee joint zone. Initially, the patient performs a set of exercises under the guidance of an instructor.

For the degree of damage to cartilage tissue, a specific set of exercises is recommended. Excessive load accelerates cartilage destruction, does not heal, but gives the opposite effect. Only a rheumatologist, an expert in an exercise therapy cabinet or an orthopedist will offer a complex for self-study, taking into account the characteristics of the disease in a particular patient.

To prevent arthrosis in the knee joint area, monitor your weight, control hormones after 40 years, avoid lifting weights regularly, rest your legs. Proper nutrition, physical activity, attention to the health of the musculoskeletal system, protection of the limbs from injury and overload will reduce the risk of arthrosis. At the first symptoms of articular pathology, see a doctor, do not wait until the cartilage is completely destroyed, the amount of endoprosthetics will be required. While treating the disease at home, see a doctor.