Hondrogel Buy at the Pharmacy

The gel is in a sachet Hondrogel healing of joints and relief from pain. It applies as an aid to the treatment of the joints, even when in a case. Also, for the of the prevention. In Bulgaria, the gel is not sold in drug stores. You can buy it on the official website.

How do I order and can I subscribe for a delivery

To make a request, in particular in the form of a website, please specify your name and phone number, then press send. The next time You get in touch with an officer of the company, will be counted as a correct use of the gel for the best result, update your address, obtain it, after you have confirmed your order.

Delivery is within 2 to 7 days, which is not included in the price of the shower gel. For the period, and the total cost, please inquire over the phone. It has received a packet which cannot be in any other city in the country. We work without pre-payment. Your order through the official site guarantees the authenticity of the Hondrogel and are in compliance with the one indicated by the manufacturer's property. For the payment, when you receive it.

The gel is in a bag, convenient to carry, easy to apply and is well absorbed, does not leave the fatty acids in traces. Any pharmacy in the country, you do not have permission for the implementation of the original Hondrogel. Keep an eye out! Beware of scams and fakes.